Success Stories

We are immensely proud of all our interns, contributors, friends of Prim Technologies, our user base, and anyone who believes in the power of mentoring.  We would like to share some of your success stories big or small. 

Write to us at and share your story with us.  If chosen, we will include your wonderful success story on our website.

Sarah Hua Pic
Anshika Singh
James Ignatowich

Sarah Hua, Amazon

Area Manager for Amazon at Springfield, VA (August 2022)

Sarah had one and a half years of experience as a PRIM technology intern and was mentored by our CTO.  She is a recent graduate at Lehigh University with a BS in Business Information Systems.

Sarah manages up to 200 people at Amazon and was also recently appointed as an Engagement Captain.  She credits mentoring and her experience as a division 1 athlete on the varsity women’s tennis team at Lehigh for her corporate opportunities.  Sarah is passionate about business and technology with strong skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact at Amazon and to help people.

Sarah loves to work with kids such as her dedication to Community Outreach for Athletes who Care about Helping (C.O.A.C.H.).  In her free time, she likes to have fun with friends and her little sister by shopping and dining out.

Anshika Singh, AWS

Software Engineer for AWS at Seattle’s Global Headquarters (July 2022)

Anshika has benefitted from great mentoring by her parents who work on Wall Street and the Tech Sector.  She is also a recent graduate at Lehigh University with two BS degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Business, and in addition to a Concentration in Finance.

Anshika is an accomplished division 1 athlete on the varsity women’s tennis team at Lehigh and former highly ranked junior tennis player from Colorado.

While one of her passion is technology, she also has a strong kind-hearted desire to help people, friends, colleagues, and especially young people despite her rigorous academic workload.  Anshika will graduate at the top of her class in terms of gaining one of the most difficult, competitive, and highly compensated first jobs out of college for any university.

For fun, she enjoys trying out new and trendy restaurants with family and friends.

James Ignatowich, Vanderbilt University

A Junior at Vanderbilt University | Plans to work for an investment bank in NY (Summer 2023)

James’ parents have mentored him to be a well-rounded person and soon-to-be Wall Street professional.  He is currently a junior at Vanderbilt University and will graduate with a BA in Economics.

James is an accomplished division 1 athlete on the varsity men’s tennis team at Vanderbilt and achieved an excellent Blue Chip ranking of #5 in the United States as a junior tennis player.

With his amazing academic and communication skills, James helps people through coaching, training, and instilling confidence.  He has taught young kids to famous celebrities the beauty and fundamentals of tennis and to live a healthy lifestyle. 

James enjoys spending time with his younger brothers and sister, and playing and coaching competitive tournament-style pickle ball, where he is also a Top 10 professional player in the world.


Sydney Hua, Temple University

Freshman at Temple University and Team Member on the Owls Women’s Tennis Team (Fall 2022)

Sydney never felt comfortable or liked academics.  With the support of many mentors, she overcame her anxiety with test-taking and academia; and is now a premiere tennis player for the Women’s Tennis Team at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  

She will major in Business at the Fox School of Business at Temple University.