Strategy and Planning

Immediately after Prim Technologies’ deployment of our global virtual mentoring platform, we will reach out to engage colleges, universities, businesses, and corporations that value mentoring to partner with Prim. For the entities that have a strong desire to leverage our virtual mentoring platform to create academic, career, and business-critical connections, we will lay out the importance of mentorship and step-by-step how Prim can be highly effective for all aspects of their colleagues’ lives.  

We plan on engaging the following universities and companies for whom our team members have attended the schools or where we have worked at in the past and now are professional alumni. We will then connect with our team’s tertiary network for other relationships to cultivate and grow our partnership base.

We believe by the beginning of 2022, we will have started to network and partner up with our technology brethren in the software development, mobile, cloud computing, cyber security, AI, blockchain, IoT spaces, etc. At this juncture, we will have hired dedicated sales and business development teams connecting with people and companies throughout the world – notably, the United States, India, China, Vietnam, and some African countries.  All of which, are some of the fastest growing countries and economies in the world.