Join the NFT Revolution

Not a lot of people have heard about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) two years ago.  Now, NFTs are very popular digital assets and traded through blockchain technology, just like cryptocurrencies.  The gamers, influencers to all types of artists have learned that they too can maximize the technology to their advantage.

With guaranteed ownership and authenticity, along with its purely digital nature, NFTs have become valuable for content creators in the digital space.  Creators can now put out something they truly own and get recurring revenue every time they’re sold and thus, creators now have more control over their digital art.  It’s simple, each sale of an NFT is recorded on the blockchain, creating a digital provenance that can’t be altered by just anyone.

Prim has utilized the hands-on skills of our team members to create amazing digital content ourselves.  You can see our collection of digital assets called PrimWorld Collections on Opensea.  True to our core values to help people through knowledge sharing and mentoring, we will establish communities to help people create digital assets just like ours.  Enjoy! 

We believe that NFTs will eventually — sooner, rather than later — displace industries that love to take ownership or steal from other people’s hard work such as record companies, movie industry, and so forth.  By then, NFTs will become somewhat of a status symbol for the future of decentralized social media, just like the thumbs up on Facebook.  Join our movement to democratize access to knowledge and mentoring today!