Frequently Asked Questions

Prim is a one-of-a-kind virtual mentoring (VM) platform that we hope will be used by thousands to millions of people every day. Our platform will allow users to seek knowledge from mentors and community members from all around the world. We believe that once people start to use Prim and utilize our amazing technology, people will gravitate and use the platform on a daily basis. 

People often do not think about kindness and giving or providing knowledge as a part of business strategy, but we do. For Prim, it’s central to how we grow our business and work as a team to serve our community and partners. We are currently 100% self-funded, so we control our own destiny in terms of our technology and our humble goal to help people.

As designed, Prim is an app that empowers people to seek mentorship either through communities of like-minded people or the ability to establish a one-on-one direct relationship with a mentor.

In the near future, we will also provide web access for people who want to spend more time on a larger device like a desktop or laptop.

Mentoring is extremely important and useful! We encourage people to live in the moment and reach for their highest potential, learn about the world, and have fun and grow together. 

In addition, we believe even mentors will learn a great deal about themselves once they start to help improve people’s lives in a kindhearted and empathetic way. Our platform will be the easiest and fastest way to communicate with helpful communities, make new online friends, and connect mentors and mentees without the pressure to be in a perfect networking relationship.

Prim was designed with a social media-based technology platform so our users can easily relate, adapt, and use the overall platform without learning new functionalities.

However, the key differences are that we offer communities with like-minded people, mentors, direct access to mentors, and a reward system with our digital asset / token unlike current platforms. The status quo in platforms is just to take and take, without giving anything back.

With Prim, users simply sign up through our registration process directly on our website or download the iOS or Android app from the App Store or Google Play and starting using the app.  It’s that simple!

First and foremost, we do not have the rewards program fully established yet. Our digital asset is expected to be released in Phase 2 in Q2 2022. However, we have developed in this release, the tracking and reporting mechanism for the rewards program built into the iOS and Android apps, and Prim Admin Panel, so people can retroactively receive the asset for their contributions to Prim. 

In the near future, Prim plans on using either a digital currency via a coin or token called Primcoin. This is a new digital asset to incentivize mentors, and can effectively process and transact like smart-contracts with algorithmic advertising and payment functions. Our current mindset is that we would prefer to create our own coin versus a token. 

Prim users will not only get a highly functional virtual mentoring platform, but also use the platform at absolutely no cost. Depending on your role as a mentor or mentee, your active participation, and the size of your communities that you had created and developed; you will receive the commensurate digital assets as aforementioned.

Please see the details in the Prim Rewards section after you download and use the app.

The primary way Prim makes money is through selling advertising. The concept of selling advertising while offering a free service is not new; television, newspapers, and media companies have been doing this long before social media companies existed. In the future, we will also offer premium subscriptions such as rich content through PDFs, PowerPoints, White Papers, etc. We may also offer entertainment and media to premium subscribers.

We are currently at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage, which is the development phase of our new product, the Prim platform. We will introduce Prim to the market with basic features and some cutting-edge features to showcase to new users. 

The final product will be released in the market only after we get sufficient testing and feedback from all of you, our kind and loyal user base. As such, we are conducting “Beta” testing, which is a type of user acceptance testing (UAT) where we, the product team, will provide you a nearly finished product to you (as users) to evaluate our platform for performance in the real-world. We thank you in advance for your gracious help and support!

We hope you enjoy the app and platform and establish wonderful and enduring relationships either as a mentee, a mentor; or quite simply observe as a hands-off user. Along the way, you feel you have a vested interest in helping others and be rewarded for your kindness.

We are very grateful to have a highly skilled, hardworking, and dedicated technology team to develop the platform from scratch. Below is a snapshot of the PRIM team members.

CEOAWS / IT Security / Cloud Expert
CTOWebsite / PHP / Word Press Developer
CPOGraphics Artist
ScrumMasterUI/UX Designer
Android DeveloperProject Administrator
iOS DeveloperQuality Assurance
Python DeveloperReact Typescript Developer