Knowledge passed on from one person to another person is the basis of our society, community, and close relationships.  Mentoring is an interactive relationship which involves both teaching and learning between the mentor and the mentee; and it is constantly evolving. 

These are the amazing benefits of being mentors and mentees.  It is a tremendous way to give back and with PRIM it can be scalable to so many who seek knowledge and life-changing ideas.

At PRIM, we took mentoring to a completely different level through the advantages and strengths of technology.  We created a method for developing individuals with the help of more experienced individuals for the sole purpose of addressing knowledge or behavior gaps; except we are providing it on a global scale with communities of like-minded people. 

Mentoring is not about helping you with a job or skill, but moreover it’s about confidence and growth.  Take a look at these Top 10 Benefits of Mentorship and see if that resonates with you! 

Below is an example of how mentoring can greatly impact your organization.  There’s an old saying that the most valuable asset to a business is the people going up and down an elevator.  Well, we can extrapolate that for any business, company, school, hospital, etc.